FirmPOS Report

For the code or questions: Please contact us at After-Hours Coders

Recently, I have gained some experience with the FirmPOS software used at health clubs to manage memberships and activities at the club. I have the ability to develop some custom FirmPOS reports that you can use at you club to help be better informed as to any information you store. Below is a custom report you can download and use in your system. If you require different data, please contact us for our consulting services to create custom reports in FirmPOS.

For this report, we will charge $50, to include 1 hour of assistance with setup if necessary. Otherwise, for additional custom reports, we charge $30 per hour.

*This report can also be built in SQL Server Reporting Services as well!

Monthly Personal Trainer Report

The purpose of this report is:

The report is grouped by and shows the Personal trainer who has an appointment with the client.

Member Name
The clientís first and last name, sorted by last name.

Sessions Trained
This number comes from Schedule Check-Ins made in the Personal Training schedule. All personal training check-ins are made through the personal training schedule and only personal training check-ins are made through this schedule. It is a sum of all the sessions trained with that trainer that month.

Sessions Purchased
This number shows the personal training packages purchased that month.

Sessions Remaining
This number is calculated by: Sessions Trained - Sessions Purchased

FirmPOS Discrepancy
This number is going to be found by first searching through the member accounts and identifying how many sessions (children) are left on the Personal Training packages of each member and then subtracting the number found in the Sessions Remaining.

Duplicate Check-Ins
Sometimes a trainer will check a member in multiple times for the same appointment. If this happens in a month, there will be a yes/no on the report. You can go back into the print check-in report to get more information if I need to.

This column is the notes container in the member record.

Here is a display of the report:

For the code or questions:
Please contact us at After-Hours Coders